Monday, March 21, 2011

The First Dandelion

A  few  days  ago  I  found  the  first  dandelion. Pretty awesome.


I  love spring.  It's so great. Hasn't warm weather inspired you to think of how good heaven will  be?                                                     


  1. I wonder if we'll have weather in heaven? Hmmmm...whatever, it will be more awesome than we can even imagine! Love ya, Aunt Lisa

  2. Hi Silas. Yes, I am happy that Spring is here! This warmer weather is so nice. You are right, it does make you think about God, and also makes you wonder what it will be like in heaven. Everything that is so wonderful here on earth must be even more spectacular in heaven!

    I like this picture of you...
    I'm so glad you did a post today.

    Happy Spring!
    Love you, Grams

  3. You win the award for finding the first dandelion! When there are a gazillion more we'll fry them up and eat them! Yum!!

    Yes, when I feel good and peaceful and warm, I think about a perfect eternity with Jesus. How can we help it huh?

    Good job bloggin' Si!
    Love you.

  4. Hey Scooter! Awesome post. I agree, the beautiful weather makes me think of Heaven too. Well done!

    Love ya..

  5. I can't imagine all the Dandelions I will see in Heaven one day!