Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camping OUTSIDE!!!

Mom and Harry came into the living room with an idea. Mom said, "Hey! How about we camp outside!" JoJo and I said.................................YES!!!!!!

We had such a fun time! We all got in our PJs...well except for Jonas. He said, "Its not as adventurous to wear PJs!" Unfortunately Jonas also took his shirt off and ended up going in at 4:00 am because he was cold!

I pulled out a few books, but we ended up having Mom tell us stories from her childhood instead.

Somehow, I don't know why, my hair looks slicked back in this picture. It may have been the wind.

Abigail came out too! I'm pretty sure she had fun. 

We love hanging out! Actually, we hang out a lot...but not by camping. I don't thank I have ever camped outside before.

It was fun waking up outside. It made me think of vacation in Branson, Missouri, because we stay in a condo on the lake and I like to go out on the deck very early in the morning. 

Harrison was so azh-a-boo-boo.  That means really cute!

Mom went inside to get her morning coffee while I read three books to Harrison.

Mom gave me the camera and I took some pictures - like this one.

Abigail came back from the corral, where she was reading, and Mom took a picture of us.

Harrison ran off pouting for some reason.  I can't remember. 
That's so Azh-a-boo-boo.
(I took this picture.)


  1. It was fun hanging out with you last night.

    I love all the pics you took. They are so cute.

    Cecily :)

  2. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful time! You took some great pictures!

  3. guys sure had fun last night by the looks of your great pictures here...and by the story you tell on your blog. Great job! (:>)

    This will be a memory for a lifetime huh?
    You have such a fun mom...and such a wonderful family.

    Love you,

  4. :) Love all of the photos. I definitely had fun...and the sky looked so cool last night, didn't it? I loved shutting my eyes, and knowing that the stars were twinkling above us. I love when we get to spend time doing these types of things--these are the memories that will last forever! :)
    Love you, Scoot.

  5. What wonderful fun that must have been to do with your mom, brothers, and sisters. I never did anything like that with my folks or brothers or sister nor with my own kiddos. The closest we came to camping was in our living room on the floor. We made a tent with sheets and laid out blankets. My kiddos were very small, I'm pretty sure they were younger than you and they loved it. We grown ups had a nice time, too, but we were achy the next morning. It made us wish we were kids again so we wouldn't be so achy. lol. Keep making fun memories. You'll be happy that you did when you're all grown up.