Monday, October 25, 2010

Mom Comes Back

Hi! It's me Silas! I'm very excited that my mom is back from her trip. She went to Pennsylvania! Last night before we picked Mommy up, we went to Starbucks. Jonas and I got hot chocolate. It was so good!

At Starbucks, Jonas and I were talking about the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.  Jonas has never gone on it, but I have. It's a very fun ride! In fact, it's probably my favorite ride. Well, maybe not my favorite.  Actually my favorite is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. That's at Disneyland too!

When we left, we went to the airport and waited for about ten minutes. When mom walked to the van and opened the door, everyone yelled, "Mom!" We talked to her all the way home about what we did while she was gone.  She also told us about her trip. It felt so good having mom back. Jared and I had fun in the back seat telling jokes too. Talk to you later!


  1. Hi Silas....I know you were all glad to have your mom back home. I am glad that she had a fun trip, but I know you guys missed her a lot.

    Sounds like you all had fun driving to the airport to pick up your mom. Did you see some planes landing or taking off?

    Hey,...I like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride too. It is my favorite! Maybe we can all go to Disneyland again someday...that would be fun.

    Have a good day Silas.

    I loe you!

  2. Oops...the "v" disappeared....It should say I love you in the comment above...not I loe you! ha!

  3. Thanks for reading my blog today Silas. Grandpa says we should take you guys to the museum that we went to was cool. Did you like the dinosaurs in the picture?

    Love, Grams

  4. Hi sweetie. What a nice blog post. I'm SO glad to be home too! I missed you so much. Well, don't worry, I don't plan to do that very often. :) Keep writing! It's a great way to express your feelings and imaginations.

    Much love to you.

  5. Good post bud. I love your blog. It's so you.